Friday, February 25, 2011

Across the abyss of Time...

Words, articulate; popping against
Lifeless walls

Handfuls of Happiness; seeping
through the fingers

Fading memories; faraway cries
Love and Laughter

Parched heart; torpid and dusty
Summer heat

Hands that beckon, Unreachable;
Hell is a place on earth...

Writings; carved in sand,
Washed away...

Criss-cross of Fate, droughts, floods
Speech, forgotten.

Ice that breaks; freezing again
at Twilight

Raindrops; sighs of the world,

Crumbled; in search of Grain.
Hell is a phase of Life.

Despair; seeking the end, yet
the Dread!

Mysteries and Ghosts; closed in the attic,
Cellars of no doors.

Meaningless, actions, thoughts-

Streets, drained; Dreams

Oceans salty, blue; stark
Above the tide...

Clouds of Darkness, against
the Abyss of Time.

1 comment:

  1. Writings; carved in sand,
    Washed away...

    I could relate with this in life. Nice poem! :)