Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The whole world is mine

5-year-old: "You can't sit here! It's my house."
4-year-old: (wide-eyed, moving to another chair) "Here?"

5yo: "Okay, you can sit there. This is my house, you understand?"
4yo: (chewing a biscuit) "Okay..."

5yo: "This house is mine, this chair is mine, this room is mine, this... this... whole world is mine!"
4yo: (stops chewing and stares)

5yo: "Do you know what 'this whole world' means?"
4yo (staring): "No..."

5yo: "This house, the gate, the road outside, everything is 'the whole world'."


  1. very cute..kids often surprise us with their findings...

  2. the point is, the more we grow up, the more we behave like kids!

  3. Very cute.....:)