Monday, May 30, 2011

How to get the point across

5-yr-old: "Dad, I want that... mmm... long thing... what is it called?"
Dad (distracted): "Which? What?"

"Tell me the names of some fruits."
"A 'long' fruit? Let me see... "

"No, not long. Just name some fruits."
"Well... apple, orange, banana,..."

"Okay. It's not a fruit. Tell me the names of vegetables."
"Long ones?"

"No. All vegetables."
"Tomato. Brinjal. Onion. What else is there? Potato?"

"Ah! Yes! Potato. What is that long thing made from potatoes?"
"French fries?"

"YES! French fries. I want French fries."


  1. Seems we do not recognise things in their natural state anymore!

  2. hahahaha...children just know how to twist nd turn things out...firstly because they might not remember the name or secondly because they just dont want to make the point directly and get scolded :P

  3. Out of the mouths of babes...

    Good on you for capturing these moments so richly here. Wonderful stuff!

  4. I saw almost the same in one of Hindi movies.
    Good one. I had a smile while reading. Thank you.