Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wisdom of Our Mothers: Stories from India

I suppose it is but natural that after months of waiting, dreaming and hoping, when it is time, I should sit here and struggle to find the right words. The disbelief makes me go take a peep at my Inbox every now and then, to make sure it wasn't a dream, that the mails really exist.

There was this announcement in The Hindu in October of last year: "Familia Books is buying stories from writers in India for an Indian edition of the anthology, Wisdom of Our Mothers."

I sent my entry, a story from real life, in November and began the long wait.

This week, my wait was rewarded: My story is one among the six that will be part of the "Stories from India" section of the anthology, "Wisdom of Our Mothers". What's more, it will also feature in another anthology comprised of stories from India.

For once, I am at a loss for words.


  1. congratulations.... its such a great thing..

  2. Thanks a lot, Harish, Joe, Deepthi and Naseef. :)

  3. great news...congratulations...

  4. Thanks, Amar, Prasanna, SUB :-)

  5. Amazing allae Kutts, it just happens when you really want it to. You took the plunge, held your head high, let your emotions flow, thoughts it is it just follows after that :)