Monday, August 15, 2011

Independence Day: a tribute

In memory of...
The blood that was shed,
Men and women who gave up lives,
The selfless fight they led -
The fiery Saffron flutters in the wind.

In memory of...
An old man, a faithful son,
The path he firmly held, and
The Peace that finally won -
The proud White flutters in the wind.

In memory of...
The ravaged Motherland
Her edges trimmed, eternal hurt;
Destined to bow to a cruel hand -
The bold Green flutters in the wind.

In memory of...
A dreaded, forgotten past:
Honour, respect for lives lost,
Eyes forward and face upwards -
The elegant Tricolour flutters in the wind.


  1. Indeed..the nation must never ever forget those who gave their everything selfishly to see the tricolor furl high in the sky...their memory will never fade...they will always live in our hearts, minds and good deeds...

    An apt poem for them and our country..Jai Hind

  2. WoW...that was awesome...there's a lot that we have forgotten..

  3. A wonderful tribute to our motherland, Jean. The tri colour bears testimony to all the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and also inspires us to look forward to a golden future. Beautifully worded.

  4. Thank you Shveta, the brokennib...