Saturday, December 17, 2011

The suicidal buzz

6-year-old: "There is a mosquito near my ear."
Me: "Do you hear it buzzing?"

"Yes. Why does it make that sound?"
"I don't know. Some insects are like that. Noisy at work." ('Like some people', I added to myself.)

"Doesn't it know this sound is going to make someone slam it between their palms and kill it??"

So very profound, that thought. Perhaps he doesn't realise it yet.


  1. Evolution, my dear is at work. Go on, kill billions of them that way and natural selection will intervene and a new species will emerge say in another 10 million years without ever producing that droll. But alas! what we poor mortals can do! The world will end next year, now that May 2011 threat was postponed! Ha ha ha!!

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