Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Quest for Nothing

The wait continues-
Endless, Meaningless
An escape, momentous...

Reality, does not trust
Anymore. Faith has
Ceased to exist.

The search continues-
Pointless; Regardless 
Of its own Futility.

Hope exists, though
Faint, Imperceptible-
At the edge of reason.

Dabbling in self-pity!
Nevertheless doing
Nothing to make a change.

Days pass, sordid 
Like sand that
Slips through the fingers.

Chasing new Dreams,
Budding new hopes
Across the Shadow of the Past.

Trudging to the End
Directionless; Lost in 
The Wilderness of Life.

The place you never reach.
Isn't  the wait
That Life's all about?


  1. In a way ~
    "life is a lesson and you learn it
    when you are already through and gone".

    beautifully crafted and indeed a nice read it was.:)Keep posting. if time permits please pay a visit to

  2. Beautifully written and I absolutely loved it.

  3. We all are assailed by these doubts sometime or the other. You have brought it out simply and beautifully. On the facebook, I have a page called Lyrical. May I request you to join it? You can access it from my blog

  4. Thank you very much Saikat, Abhra Pal and sunbyanyname.