Sunday, April 15, 2012


People are very kind.
They always say Sorry.

They say, don't you mind.
They say You take care.

They say please pardon me.
They say don't you fret.

They say you should be happy,
Because you're the best.

They say a whole lot of things
But all they mean is No.

No, it can't be done.
No, I can't help you.

No, I am not the one,
But you're wonderful too.

What do I do with kindness?
What to make of mercy?

What to do with politeness,
And what of apology?

Mere words, have no meaning...   
Does this have no end?


  1. Hey....i sense a certain desperation. But why?

    1. I have just shifted to Delhi : and being in this city ;these thoughts find a deep resonance with me :)
      But I sense that if this cloak of social kindness was not there then there would be too much of naked emotion to deal with and outside of verse and prose naked emotion aint pretty to deal with -is it ?