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Tales from the Garden City

Description: Based broadly in Bangalore, Tales from the Garden City tells everyday stories from the lives of ordinary folks. Most of the thirteen short stories in this collection have the backdrop of Bangalore; however they might as well be stories from any Indian city.

Published by: Cinnamonteal Print And Publishing

You can find Tales from the Garden City at the following bookstores:
. Landmark Bookstores Bangalore / Chennai / Mumbai / Pune / Hyderabad / Gurgaon
. Gangarams Book Bureau, Bangalore
. TBS Publishers, Thiruvananthapuram
. Green Books, Thrissur
. Dogears Etc. (Online)
. (Online)

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Lonely Journeys

"Lonely Journeys" is a collection of my poems published on Amazon Kindle. The book is available for sale on Amazon.

 Wisdom of Our Mothers - India Edition

"Wisdom of Our Mothers - India Edition" published by Familia Books features my story Houses of God. It is available for sale online at this site.

Nude and Other Stories

"Nude and Other Stories" published by features three of my stories, The Snapper, Forever Cinderella and Epicentre. The book is available for sale online.

Temple Of Time

"Temple of Time" is published by Amazon and is available as an ebook.